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PSL Aviation-Aerospace & Defense Logistics support the manufacturers, operators and vendors that make up the global aviation and aerospace community. PSL have transported Sikorsky and Bell Helicopters as well as Antonov and Deployment equipment on behalf of operators and airports. We are also the transporter of choice for many clearing and forwarding companies around the world. Our clients, large and small, choose PSL because they value our specialised knowledge, not only on aviation projects, but also our knowledge of their businesses and time critical consignments.

Mining & Construction

Economic globalisation has resulted in an increasingly high demand for mined resources such as copper, coal and other precious metals.

With the increase in mining, pressure from the public over ecological issues and meeting environmental codes has become a priority. Radical changes have been made in the extraction and reclamation of land in many parts of the world, and as a result of these changes, investment in new technologies, equipment and infrastructure has increased.

PSL's ability to partner with these mining houses and mining companies helps to provide the necessary transportation and expertise to keep operations running smoothly and more efficiently than ever before. From cleaner burning earth moving equipment, to water purification and treatment plants, PSL's smoothly executed plans set us apart from the competition.

PSL is involved from grassroots level, during pre-feasability and feasability stage until the project is bankable and active implementation commences. As these products and material are sourced from many parts of the world, PSL is repeatedly able to demonstrate our commitment and reliability to this industry.
Equipments transported:

  • Fastracs
  • Teletruk
  • Scrapers
  • Dumpsters
  • Bulldozers
  • Generators
  • Excavators
  • Compaction
  • Dump trucks
  • Track loaders
  • Rough terrain
  • Wheel loaders
  • Motor graders
  • Utility vehicles
  • Backhoe loaders
  • Wheeled loaders
  • Micro excavators
  • Skid steer loaders
  • Telescopic loaders
  • Tracked excavators
  • Compact excavators

We have also been responsible for the transportation of an 1500 tonne load of mining equipment to Tarkwa mine in the Western Region, Ghana.

Oil & Gas Industry

Suppliers of equipment and services to oil fields and offshore platforms contract PSL to handle their wharf side cranage and road-freight consignments, including drilling equipment, exploration apparatus, seismic gear and platform construction. We have the proven expertise to perform in all facets of the industry in getting material and equipment to the most remote locations throughout the globe.

Our strategic partners not only operate a powerful and diverse fleet of heavy lift vessels, providing our customers with the right equipment to meet the unique requirements of the project, but they have also demonstrated their commitment and ability to exceed customer's expectations for reliable and safe carriage of their cargo.

We offer the Oil & Gas industry superior choices in the handling of heavy-lift and over-dimensional project shipments from and to anywhere in the world with a versatile fleet of multipurpose, tween-deck vessels.

Plant & Engineering

PSL facilitates activities undertaken before the actual procurement for capital and other equipment, and engages with contractors in the scope of service and purpose of appointment and deliverables contract.

Our experts adhere to procedures prescribed for imports, exports and procurement of goods from within the country for Special Economic Zones Units ECOWAS, in accordance with Special Economic Zones Rules within ECOWAS and SADC countries in Southern Africa.

Power & Providers

PSL’s team of project cargo experts understands the specialised handling needs of odd and over-dimensional cargo such as transformers and other equipments with unlimited weight restrictions.

Selection of specialised vehicles, project registration, route surveys, and loading is executed with engineering precision acquired through more than two decades of experience.

Radioactive Materials

With West Africa planning a significant increase in its use of nuclear power in the coming years, the transport of nuclear fuel and spent nuclear fuel is going to become a more prominent issue.

The transport of radioactive materials is regarded as the sensitive spot of the nuclear industry, because transported radioactive materials interact very closely with the public, unlike other nuclear operations, which are conducted behind fences.

PSL have acquired sufficient knowledge of this sensitive project, and has engaged with the relevant authorities, environmental organisations and other protagonists of discreet loads in order to provide the necessary infrastructure to accomplish a journey from wharf to site under strict protocol and enforced supervision.

Renewable Energy

Did you know? A record $100 Billion was invested in renewable energy last year (2010) and Africa’s biggest wind farm is currently being established in Kenya.

Some of the African regions are so hot that unless you're are accustomed to that climate it is not possible for you to survive. Extreme temperatures also generate extreme winds and perhaps this is the reason wind farms have great potential in Africa. Some 365 giant wind turbines will be installed in desert around Saint Louis in Senegal and Lake Turkana in northern Kenya to create the biggest wind farm in Africa. Once completed, tentatively in 2012, the £533m project, backed by the African Development Bank, will have a capacity of 300MW, a quarter of Kenya's current installed power and one of the highest proportions of wind energy to be fed into a national grid anywhere in the world.

Wind power is produced by using wind generators to harness the kinetic energy of wind. It is gaining worldwide popularity as a large scale energy source, although it still only provides less than one percent of global energy consumption.

As the world searches for alternative methods of generating electricity, wind power has become an effective and increasingly popular choice. Wind energy is plentiful, renewable, clean and reduces greenhouse emissions when it replaces fossil-fuel derived electricity. Globally, wind power generation has increased more than fivefold between 2000 and 2006.

PSL is proud to play a leading role in the carriage and handling of wind turbine power as it continues to grow in popularity and is embraced by governments and energy companies worldwide. After modest beginnings, wind turbines are now used in over 50 countries and are expected to continue with rapid global expansion in the future.

Retail & Wholesale

PSL and their investment capital strategic partner is gearing up to offer retailers and wholesalers an in-place network of warehousing and distribution centers who need a high-performance but flexible distribution infrastructure. Locations will allow companies in the retail sector to place inventory closer to their end client, and to expand into new markets without the need for a large capital investment.

Pharmaceutical/Biological Specimen

PSL is able to assist laboratories in the transport of biological consignments throughout all four phases of a clinical trial. Whether the consignment must be kept at a controlled temperature or is of a time critical nature, we are able to offer a service that ensures goods arrive in optimum condition and produce the most accurate test results. We have been involved in screening, treatment, prevention, diagnostic and quality of life trials. Since the recent upgrade in transport ,category of infectious substances under the West Africa Inter state Road Transportation Agreement, it is now a legal requirement that a trained driver and vehicle bearing placards with relevant transport documentation, is used during collection and delivery. PSL is able to provide such specialised road transportation, whether its overnight, same day or into West Africa sub-region. PSL is able to distinguish on behalf of our customer's when a sample containing a biological substance, can be classified and shipped as a ‘diagnostic’ or ‘clinical’ specimen under the newly changed criteria recently published. Please feel free to contact one of our advisors should you need require any further advice.

Deployment Logistics

PSL Deployment & Mission-Critical Logistics services are focused on providing proactive services which will reduce, and in some cases prevent, issues that affect service in the most challenging deployment applications.

Our strategic partners' current focus is on West Africa ,East Africa and Central Africa, with their core business in Liberia and Ivory Coast. Ivory Coast is now the primary focus.

We have agents in Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and Turkey for transshipping and procurement purposes, but with limited coverage in the East Africa, which we intend to increase. We have open up into Liberia/Ivory Coast as the international rehabilitation community starts to shift resources there to alleviate the humanitarian crises.

Refrigerated Cargo

Perishables must arrive in excellent condition for acceptance in the marketplace. The appearance is as important as the taste and aroma.

In order to optimise conditions for successful marketing a quick transit time and seamless operation enroute is an obvious first prerequisite.

When planning the worldwide logistics process for perishables, factors such as temperature, atmosphere, humidity and correct packing and loading are also important. Product characteristics such as respiration, water loss, sensitivity to ethylene levels, handling practices and maturity must also be taken into consideration.

Perishables ready to be transported must be fresh and sound, obviously without skin damage or other defects. This is the responsibility of the grower or exporter. Preshipment damage can increase ethylene emissions which may cause decay also of surrounding fruit.


PSL have extensive experience dealing within the complex oil, gas and petrochemical industries, and have built partnerships with well-known companies through our hard work and determination. In doing so, we ensure that their transport requirements have been met without breach of legislation and at the same time, upholding their good reputation within the marketplace.

To accommodate every type of customer, it is important that we aim to provide a cost effective service for shipping low-value pressurised cylinders, such as Fire Extinguishers and various Compressed Gases that may be used for detection or construction purposes. PSL are also familiar with the shipping formalities involved when dealing with what are normally known as ‘inert’ gases, such as Neon, Argon, Helium and Krypton gas. These gases are always treated with extra caution and diligence due to their rarity and high value.

Dealing closely with laboratory technicians at refineries has given us a good understanding of the lengthy processes and procedures involved in the testing, inspection and analysis of substances.

Highly volatile and toxic gases that are normally forbidden for air transport are normally carried via our express road service, or via sea-freight in line with the requirements of IMO and IMDG.

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